Pa Wor Shrine is located on a hill in
Tak- Maesot Road at km 62-63.
It is respected by the people of Tak and Maesot.
    Pa” means “Mr. or Mrs.” And “Wor” means “red”, so “Pa Wor Shrine” means "Daeng Shrine”.
    Pa Wor was a Karen Soldier. King Naresuan assigned him to be a custom house officer at
Mae-la-mou custome house to protect the country.

   In the past the shrine was opposite of the mountain, when they built a new road that passed through it, they built a new shrine too. Someone said that anybody who killed the animals around the shrine will get sick or lose their way.
   It is believed that “Pa Wor” was a soldier and he liked to hear the gun shot. Now when we drive through this shrine we must fire a gun or firecrackers, or honk a horn to respect his spirit.
   Villagers said that they heard a cannon sound around the city and the hill. If they hear this in the early rainy season it means they can plan their crops. But if it happens in the summer it means that there will be abnormal or changeable events.
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