About 200 years ago (2404-2405 BE) Maesot District was the “Panorke Village
the population was Karen. Then the northern people moved to settle their village and work
here. So the Karen people moved to another
place because they didn’t like to live with
the other community.
    Later on the government moved the custom office from Ban Maelamoe to Maesot.
It was developed by these people. Until 2441 BE. the government named it “Maesot District”, it was located in the Nakhornsawan Province. Finally, it was changed to be in Tak Province.

      There are three hypothesis of the name “Maesot”
     1. It is the same name as “Muang Chod”, where there was a city in history. It was nearby Sukhothai. “Khun Sam Chon” was the name of the chief district. “Maesot” might be called “Chod” in the old days.
     2. It’s the name of “Maesot Canal”.
     3. It’s the name of “Mechock”: Peguan (Mon) language. It means “Maesot”.
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