About 200 – 300 years ago. There were three rich Karen brothers.
They had their own 280 elephants.
They were golden teakwood merchants in Myanmar
They respected in Buddhism. So they built their life memorial pagoda.
And these pagodas were respected in Buddhism.
The first one is “Che-Di Maekuluang” (Maekuluang Pagoda)
which was built by “Pha – Nor – Ke.”
The second one was built by  “Ma – Suay – Ja – Phor.”
Now it’s in Myewwadee, Myanmar.
And the last one was built by  “Pha – Chee – Por”,
Che-Di-Maepa (Maepa Pagoda).

Maepa Pagoda, local people called “Phrathat Phayanorguin.”
It is located in Maepa village, about 4 kilometers north of
Maesot along Maesot-Maeramad road. It  is a Peguan (Mon) Pagoda style.
Inside of it, there is a golden image of Buddha.
It is highly respected by Maepa people.

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