Hin Giw Pagoda is located in
Ban Wangtakean village, Tasailuad, Maesot Tak province on highway 105,
1 km before Moie Market. Turn left after Wat Thaiwattanaram, Ta-art village and Wangtakean village. Then turn right and
drive all the way about 3 kms.

   It was built from natural stone. It’s a big beautiful stone on a contracted overhanging rock which is almost separated from each other. Also there is a Mon Pagoda style,
both are about the same size.
It’s natural
and considered sacred by Tak people.
   Every February they hold a ceremony to pay respect to the Pagoda, the festival is called “Paying respect to Pagoda Festival”.
Local people called
this magic stone
Chedi Hin Pra In Khaewn
(Stone Pagoda Indra hanging rock).
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